Sleep Support

Overnight Care

Overnight Care is a great option during the first weeks when you really need some hands-on help maximizing the time you can sleep between feedings.  Overnight support consists of a doula coming into your home to allow you to get as much sleep as possible. We will care for your baby while you rest – and bring your baby to you when they need a feeding.  As Certified Breastfeeding Counselors (CLCs) , we can help you with breastfeeding issues in the hours when you often feel least supported. When the feeding is over, just roll over and go back to sleep. Your doula will ensure that your baby is clean and calm and will soothe them back to rest. Our doulas can show you how to encourage your baby to sleep well at night, and how to manage nighttime waking and feedings with the least disruption to family and sleep.  The focus of overnight care is sleep for everyone – including mom and dad.

Rates are generally $35/hour with a 10 hour minimum (9 PM – 7 AM) per night.   Please contact us at for more information or to book.

Sleep Consult

Does your Newborn only sleep in 20 minute increments? Will he or she only sleep ON you?  These are very common and normal behaviors for newborns.

Did you think your baby would be sleeping through the night by now but is still waking several times during the night?  Do you have a hard time getting your baby to nap?

Sleep Consultation is a daytime learning experience helpful for any parent who is looking to have better, longer, more rejuvenating sleep with a newborn. A doula can help you understand Baby’s normal  sleep cues and cycles, how the environment in your home can help or hurt sleep behavior, and how to gently encourage your baby to have some longer stretches of sleep during the day and night.  The doula will share tips and techniques for calming and sleeping, and strategies for parental rest.    No “crying it out”!

Rates are generally $75 for a 90 minute consult.  Please contact us at for more information or pricing