Community Resources

The Great Bay Doulas have spent many years working with many providers and resources in the NH Seacoast.
We would like to share our very favorites with you!

Prenatal and Childbirth Care Providers

Childbirth Education

You can take childbirth education classes anywhere you choose, regardless of where you plan to deliver.   You can deliver at one hospital and take a class at another;  you can take a hospital class to prepare for a home birth or you can take a private class to prepare for any birth!  Don’t feel limited by the offerings at your birth location.

Hospital Based Class Listings

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, Dover NH

Exeter Hospital

Portsmouth Hospital

York Hospital

Frisbie Hospital, Rochester NH


Private Classes:




Massage Therapists

Cranial-Sacral Therapists

Physical Therapists


Breastfeeding Support

In Home breastfeeding Counselors

Breastfeeding Support Groups


Tongue Tie Evaluation and Treatment


Breast Pump Insurance Assistance



Mental Health Care


Local Support Groups

Postpartum Support Websites



Family Support

Meal Services

Pet Services


Local Support Groups




Postpartum Mood Issues



Family Activities